Alex Clare – Too Close

Yes a new post. No no promises about we’re back or not. Just a new post.

Aley Clare interesting voice.



Really like it.

Consollection 2.0

Auch wenn ich definitiv kein Konsolen Spieler bin und Menschen die Auto aims verwenden ähnlich schätze wie f**** Sniper.

Ist das neue Consollection 2.0 Poster einfach ein muss.

Und damit bestellt.

Danke mal wieder an die Bohnen.

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Good Morning Nerds and Geeks

Wir sind zurück!!!!

Nach einer 4 monatigen kreativ Pause Melden wir uns heute zurück.

Und das mit etwas völlig unkreativen.

Aber trotzallem nette Idee und ganz nett für zwischendrin.



Arcade 80′s Trunk – That’s what I call a console

The guys from Pinel & Pinel design the ultimate pimp style arcade trunk.

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Looks like we have to pimp the nerd machine again

Hicookie pushed the Core i7 980X to unbelievable 7,041GHz.
Congratulations from the nerds for this record.

Official page!

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…. nicht schon wieder!!!

Aktionsbündins fordert (mal wieder) das Verbot von Killerspielen.

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yeah yeah yeah! Finally – wireless power transmission

At the Research at Intel Days in Mountain View Intel demonstrated their  WREL “Wireless Resonant Energy Link” technology.

OK it looks like it’s still a long way to go but 70 years after Tesla’s ionosphere experiment and 35 years after Nasa JPL Goldstone experiment,there’s lite on the end of tunnel:

Wirless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) Demo

1975 NASA JPL Goldstone Demo of Wireless Power Transmission

Evoke 2010 – the website has been launched

OK OK it already launched 5 days ago. So check it out and have fun with the awesome invitation.

See you in cologne.

Indie Games 4ever

If you are an oldschool nerd like me you also started your gamers career back in the good ol’ days of the C64.

And if you like me sometimes miss the days then a new games still was a new game and not just the same shit with eyecandy graphics. You should take a look at the indie game scene on the web.

BUT if you have like me a real life and can’t waste ages of time on find the right game this videos are just great.

The guys from pixelprospector prepared a bunch of videos where you can have a look on the games - before downloading and trying the shit. And the best is you can just follow the links in the video to play your favourites.

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Java 4-ever Trailer

Be prepaired for the nerdiest movie of the the year.

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